Meet John Smithhart 

John Smithhart has been in the professional Dog Training field for the over 17 years. He was first a dog handler in the U.S. Air Force.  John has been involved in many distinguished Law Enforcement and Military missions all over the world including: US Customs missions on the US/Mexican border, Explosive detection and location for the safety of troops all over the world, and several Secret Service missions for two US Presidents and their families.

John has lived all over the world serving, protecting and learning more about dog behavior and training; places such as Iceland, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan. After leaving the AF in 05 John was immediately contracted to go to Iraq. As a civilian he was embedded on the very first Man Tracking mission in a war time environment since Vietnam. The mission was tracking Insurgents who would attack the U.S Army.

John spent time studying with several leading figures in Dog Behavior and Training. While working in the field, he has trained a huge variety of dogs and clients. He learned more about true Dog Behavior while training dogs for Obedience, Personal Protection, and working with Police Officers with their various training needs. With other partners, John  received a two year contract, which gave them the sole responsibility for importing all dogs for NYPD K9 program.

In 2007 John started K9 Good Manners to not only provide solid obedience training for dogs with and without behavior issues, but to use science and experience, to educate their People as well. He is dedicated to making this the best possible training program for people who need smart and working results but do not have the time to spend months/years in training classes.

"This is my life's work, my calling if you will. I want to help my clients and their dogs have the best possible relationship. This program is the best possible way for me to do that!"

Meet Anthony Caskey

Anthony Caskey has 20 years training dogs professionally, Tony was raised in a K9 family and is a 3rd generation trainer. He served in the Air Force as a K9 Police Officer, Trainer, and Kennel Master. Tony served on many distinguished Law Enforcement and Military missions all over the world including Explosive Detection and area protection for our troops while deployed. He provided IED Detection Support on countless Secret Service missions for two US Presidents along with several other World Leaders. Tony studied Obedience and Behavior all over the world with master trainers and behaviorists, and finally found a home with John who taught him this program and its value in helping all breeds and behaviors.

"This program amazes me every time I put a new dog through it! It is the most complete program I’ve ever seen work for all dog breeds and behavioral situations, because it bends to the needs of them all. Its completely tailored to each dog and every client."