Dog Training Programs

Our MAIN program is 6 week long and is developed to work for all breeds of dogs and their owners. We train your dog professionally at our location and then teach you to maintain the work we have done. Our training course for the clients is designed to over educate you about dogs and improve your ability to provide your dog with the leadership needed to live a great and cohesive life with you! This training gets the maximum effect of years of experience to train your dog to advanced obedience. We use positive methods to get rapport with your dog first while building attention span. Then we use the science of repetition to form habits to Muscle Memory, instead of using severely negative techniques to teach. The results are a confident dog that enjoys its new job. This will take your dog to a whole new level that you would not have been able to get to with group class training, weekly one on one sessions, or damaging, short In-Kennel courses taught with negative techniques.

After training, your dog will be able to:

All dogs are trained in a way that is perfectly understandable to the dog. The commands are taught to be given and followed through with on the first command. We do not train dogs to obey on the 2nd or 3rd time the command is given! All of our training can be adjusted to fit the needs of our clients. We are able to train your dog in a wide variety of languages and hand signals as needed.

We service clients from all over the country and we can assist you in various ways of getting your dog to us. Call now to reserve a spot for your dog!